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Our Company:

Our Company is a service provider Ltd. owned by Hungarians, dealing with quality control and production support activities. We perform our everyday activities relying on our experience of 15 years obtained in these fields. With our expertise gained during the inspection of millions of spare parts, we have gradually developed into one of the most reliable business partners on the market. Our amassed knowledge and the skills of our employees holding the regular training courses, coupled with the standards they are held to collectively, ensure that our Clients will receive high-quality services. We have ongoing and documented processes for the selection of our staff, their training and the controlling of their skills.

In addition to responding fast, flexibility and accuracy are also essential in this market, and our company applies all three of these competences professionally. It is extremely important in our quality management policy that our Partner should be 100% satisfied, therefore all the employees of our company are characterized by this motivation and attitude. Ever since our company was founded, we have been aspiring to ensure that our ideas and the expectations of our Partners point in the same direction. Our services are constantly expanding and evolving in order to accommodate to the needs and expectations of our partners.

Our mission:

Has it ever occurred at your company that “flawed” goods were produced, due to which the continuous production became difficult to maintain because of the stoppage of the line, the resulting need for repeated production, disassembly, inspection, sorting and/or post-production work? 

Has it ever occurred at your company that you could not reach the desired number of units on the production line because there were not enough workers?

Has it ever occurred that one of your suppliers delivered flawed, reference-mixed or incorrectly marked spare parts?

Did the above reasons lead to late delivery and complaints, thus causing a loss of prestige and financial damage?

Excellent Quality Ltd. offers the ideal solution for reducing such and similar anomalies, because:

  • no labour force needs to be removed from production for inspection, re-inspection, sorting or repair!
  • in the event of a supplier error, in the case of a third-party order, all contact maintenance, administration and invoicing processes take place towards your supplier (consultation and reporting will be done with your involvement)
  • in the event of a production defect, material damage can be reduced, thanks to rapid intervention, which affects the potential complaint costs.
  • in the event of a shortage of labour force, we can address the situation with production support. (With manpower provided in areas of quality control, operators, logistics and other areas.)

We work with minimal employee turnover, our colleagues are not just “travelling through” our company, so training them will benefit you in the long term! Our constantly expanding staff are available throughout the country. We are at your disposal with outstanding flexibility and extensive professional experience in the field of quality assurance and production support!

Our company has liability insurance in a unique way:


Office: Budai Irodaház,
8000 Székesfehérvár, Budai út 252. 3. em.
8000 Székesfehérvár, Horvát István u. 23.



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