Quality control and production support services



The products supplied and/or manufactured by the given Partner must meet high technological requirements. They produce the various spare parts according to precise engineering calculations/descriptions, which supposedly result in impeccable manufacturing. More…

Post-production works, repairs

Our company also undertakes reprocessing, so that the released labour force can be reassigned to other areas of production. In all cases, the post-production work is performed in a manner agreed to by the Partner, which can be:

Production support

Our fast-learning colleagues can perform a variety of production line workflows. Thanks to their vast quality control experience, they are much more sensitive to errors that may occur, so it is easier to filter out the points that More…

Logistic support

The products manufactured by our Partners must be made available to the Buyers within a short time frame, which may be difficult, due to either a continuous shortage of staff or to the increased drawdowns. Our staff can provide immediate assistance in such a situation… More…

Engineer, technician, assistant services

Taking over tasks in the form of an outsourced, resident or permanent commission – after agreeing on the tasks, expectations, qualifications and duration. (We provide: laboratory staff, measurement technician, materials tester, SQA engineer)


Our staff

Tibor Valicsek

Managing Director / Owner

Gitta Ánosi

Office Manager

Zoltán Telek

Project manager

About us

Our Company is a service provider Ltd. owned by Hungarians, dealing with quality control and production support activities. We perform our everyday activities relying on our experience of 15 years obtained in these fields. With our expertise gained during the inspection of millions of spare parts, we have gradually developed into one of the most reliable business partners on the market. Our amassed knowledge and the skills of our employees holding the regular training courses, coupled with the standards they are held to collectively, ensure that our Clients will receive high-quality services. We have ongoing and documented processes for the selection of our staff, their training and the controlling of their skills.


Our key partners



Our Supports

At Excellent Quality Kft., we feel its social role is important, therefore we support non-governmental organizations and those in need to the best of our ability.


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